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Austin, United States

Skip Hunt, born on the wind-swept plains of Oklahoma, is a professional photographer in Austin, Texas. He picked up a 35mm camera in the...

Paradise Lost

The concession stand is now closed… And with it, the thin veneer of playtime innocence. Long for the cotton candy days… spun from sticky blue skys and icecream bunny clouds.

Pandemonium’s boorish box has taken the last vestiges of deception and closed them up for good. Lock, stock, and two smoking anti-aircraft tank barrels…

Can we ever again return to those blissful days? Will we ever again laze under brushing willow, spinning breezy dreams that float along on warm summer air like tiny dandelion seeds to land in some mystic shaded bower?

I dream that the horrors will end one day… that the concession will again open… that the darkness today will only make that glorious return all the more sweet…

Or, have our hearts have been so brutally tattered and soiled that our only refuge will come with senility?

Try again next season… the concession is closed until further notice.

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“Paradise Lost” ~ Concession stand in Florida © Skip Hunt

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