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Skip Hunt, born on the wind-swept plains of Oklahoma, is a professional photographer in Austin, Texas. He picked up a 35mm camera in the...

Buddha's Smile

I’d taken several shots of this little fella in Darjeeling, India. It was a bit strange because I’d been told photos were prohibitted and yet this little group of young monks allowed me to take any photo I wished and even let me into the forbidden Lama’s chambers. I’d told them straight up that I had no intentions of taking photos, and that I was just carrying equipment around for the day.

I was thrilled when they insisted and even posed! Most of the images were very stoic… all was very quiet except from some soft chanting coming from some of the elder monks. I wanted to see if I could make this little guy smile so I hopped up and down making ape sounds… first there was a delay as all the young monks looked at each other and then toward the elder monks spinning giant prayer wheels.. Then, one of the older monks busted out laughing and little prayer room erupted in laughter at me silly monkey antics… The little guy couldn’t help it, and a smile broke over his face that seemed to light up the entire room.

As I was putting my shoes back on, another couple of foreigners arrived and asked if they too might take photos… they were told photos were prohibitted and that the wat temple would be closing soon for visitors. I have no idea why they let me take photos and not the others… It was a good day. :-)

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“Buddha’s Smile” ~ Darjeeling, India © Skip Hunt

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