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Racism in America

Been in Guatemala for about 10 days. Very surreal scenario that took me there. And many surreal experiences while shooting as well.

However, one of the most surprising and scary experiences happened while waiting for a return flight in the Ft. Lauderdale airport… they were playing that clip of McCain taking the mic away from that lady who said Obama was an Arab..etc. (does anyone think those were setup plants to give McCain the opportunity to look level-headed and not so divisive?).

Anyway, this older dude came up to my business partner who’s about 15 years older than me… and I guess he assumed my partner was a republican (he’s not). He leaned over and said “I really HATED it when McCain did that..” I jumped in and asked “did what?”… he said he hated that McCain had said nice things about Obama. I asked why that bothered him and he said Obama has never had a job in his life and he couldn’t vote for him. I told him none of these yahoos have likely ever had real jobs. I’m certain Bush and Cheney never had real jobs either. So I asked him what was REALLY bothering him about Obama. He then started parroting sound bites from FOX news and talking about the “terrorist palling around… ACORN.. etc.” I told him he’s watching too much FOX news and that he should dig a little deeper for information before he starts spouting off sound bites. Asked him to come clean and tell me why he REALLY didn’t like Obama.

At this point there was a small crowd around us getting into their own arguments, but a surprising amount of people who supported this idiot. He then said he simply couldn’t vote for a “black” and that he resented that if Obama doesn’t get elected the “blacks” will all riot. AND get this… he was yelling at this point and said that if there were a fund being collected to have Obama assassinated… he’d be first in line to contribute.

This wasn’t just one sour old man… there seemed to be a fair amount of others in the group (granted all older, affluent, and white) who agreed with him.

Very scary.

I figured they were all retired Floridian repiglicans… but they were all going to Ohio. Not sure if they lived in Fla. and were traveling to Ohio.. or the other way around.

I was very surprised at what I heard and how they didn’t seem to hide their racism at all. They were yelling this crap outloud in an airport terminal with about a third of the other passengers being African American. Was surprised that none of the other passengers of color jumped into the fray. They mostly just looked a little scared.

Really got me thinking about ol’ Karl Rove…. the whether or not there really is a Biblical “beast”…… “turning Man against his brother, ’til Man exists no more.”

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