sparkle in the sky

Did i even love you?
Coz’ now I’m not so sure
I thought i did without question?
But now i seem to no more.

I feel so detached
Am i even here?
How did i get to this place,
With just a breath and a tear?

I’m so tired of the confusion
The endlessness of you and i
In this alternate reality
Where i keep asking why?

The end is so close,
So close yet so far
And still it feels so hard,
Struggling here in the dark.

Perhaps i don’t miss you
Just the thought of who you are.
Always just out of reach,
Like some untouchable star.

But i did touch you, remember?
You are just as real as i.
It was me who made you untouchable,
Just a sparkle in the sky.

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  • Anneli