my beautiful sadness

She sits alone. I watch her.
Her eyes have a newly wept gleam as the light crosses over them.
I watch them glow.
I sense a beautiful sadness. A heart wrenching glorious sadness.
She waits.
For someone? For something?
She waits for nothing. She sits alone and waits for nothing.
For the endlessness. For the depths. In her beautiful sadness……..

She has no sense of those around her.
If she does she makes no expression of noticing.
She is glorious on her own.
A glow of incompleteness surrounds her, of wanting but not needing.
Of wanting, aching, waiting.
Waiting for the nothingness to envelop her. To engulf and overwhelm her.

I reach over the hospital bed and hold her cold hand.
Her eyes turn to me now.
She permeates my essence, i feel her eyes burn an imprint on my soul.
She is my escape. My nothingness, my beautiful sadness.

I smile and lay her hand to rest.
We wait for her nothingness.
Alone, together, with our beautiful sadness.

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