November Rain

The silence of your exit
Still rings loudly in my ears.
The malice of your actions,
Laying bare all of my fears.

The drowning generation
Who can no longer speak
Who play their part so quietly
Minus the cracks and all of the leaks.

The anguish that runs through the streets
Shouting out all of our names,
Telling us how fake we are,
Playing some foolish game.

The truth shall set you free they say
But whose truth shall we tell
Lying ‘neath the facade of life,
Is someone’s ghoulish hell.

Yet your truth screamed so loud
On that fateful November day
Turning deaf ears to listening
The day November rained.

The silence of your exit,
Still rings loudly in my ears.
The truth of your actions
Washed away all of my fears

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