Lorraine Creagh

Blue Mountains, Australia

I’m a photographic artists with eclectic tastes. Photography is a wonderful escape from my busy life.

1920's Art

Hi Everyone,

Sorry to all those people who have me on their watchlist. I have just finished adding 7 artworks to my portfolio. I know seven is quite a lot, especially if you have other people that you are watching.

The drawings are from a large collection that my Grandmother did in the 1920’s. She was quite talented and worked as a graphic artist. Those were the days…I have drawings that were done to advertise furniture of the day…didn’t take photos like they do now. Advertisements , artwork for stage shows etc were all drawn by hand.

It’s wonderful to look through and see the fashions of the day, and also their style of humour. She has left me a wonderful legacy that I will treasure forever.

Thank goodness for RedBubble because now I’m able to share this original work with others and I’m also able to have her work framed and hang it on my walls. The originals can go back into the archives where they can be kept safe for the next generation.

I have the ability to send copies of these as cards to family members and they can also share the work of this wonderful lady.

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