A Big Weekend of Photo Uploads

Well its taken a while, but this weekend a further 50 or so photos have been uploaded to the SJPhoto RedBubble shop. After the initial uploads in May/June 2015, and while competing on GuruShots, I found myself altering the post-processing workflow to include the use of Photomatix Pro 5 (not in all instances, but many). I began finding extended capabilities for the final look and feel of my photography by using this software and in some ways it has more easily allowed for the desired finished photo not previously achieved with other software. However, a backlog of photos ready to be uploaded to RedBubble has steadily been growing, so it would be desireable to try to upload even just 2-3 photos each day to stay on top of things and this will be the goal in the future. Equally, a number of photos previously processed in the past two years have had to be re-processed, so this has also taken a bit of time and will continue to take a bit more time. I look forward to any comments visitors wish to provide on the new additions or older entries. Thank you for the comments already received this weekend, as this feedback is very helpful. A few new categories have been added so as to make it easier to search through the growing portfolio. One in particular, “SJPHoto Assorted Products”, allows visitors to see a large portion of the portfolio randomly displayed in the various 26 product types. This is useful for obtaining an idea of the wide variety of products available at RedBubble and a general idea on pricing, and so it has been moved closer to the top of the category list. Refreshing this page will generate a whole new list of random items. Thanks for visiting today, and I’m looking forward to uploading more photos in the coming weeks so as to clear out the backlog and get out shooting more given that daylight savings time is once again upon us. Cheers, Steven

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