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This is the New RedBubble Shop for Steven Jodoin Photography. I am in the process of adding images over the next few months. Most of your favourite images are now uploaded and the rest will be uploaded through the remainder of August and September. Please return often to see the latest products on display. Also RedBubble has announced a number of interesting new products through 2015 and early in 2016, which means that many new options exist for rendering photography or illustrations in useful new ways.

A bit about my background and how I got here to this point where you are viewing my photos on Red Bubble and reading this profile.

I was born in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and like Bendigo, Kingston is a very historic city with interesting architecture and a long history that leaves one to ponder all the events of the past that lead to the way things are in such a place today. This is what I find most fascinating about Bendigo, particularly its Gold heritage, and I enjoy exploring the city with or without my camera. These days it is usually close at hand.

Having always been interested in photography of all types, my career has provided the opportunity to work extensively with digital imagery (mainly aerial photography and satellite imagery) over the last 30 years. As such I have been having a fiddle with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and many other image editing and analysis software tools for a very long time. Having first worked with Adobe Photoshop 2.5 way back in 1988, the opportunity today to apply image enhancement and corrections to my own quality photographs has been a long term vision now coming to reality, even though there have been many recreational film and digital cameras to experiment with along the way.

In 2000, after many years of working with Geographic Information Systems, I developed my own small business marketing MAPublisher and Geographic Imager in the Asia-Pacific region (Avenza Systems Inc. products), which are a suite of plug-ins that allow Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to be used for high-end cartographic production while leveraging the advantages of source GIS attribute data for rapid text placement and layer organisation and adjustment. This experience, which lasted for 7 years provided a chance to work further with and gain proficiency in a number of Adobe products including various web development software.

Presently, I am again engaged in further study towards a new small business based on Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement methodologies. As such after long periods of study, I find it refreshing to step out into the city to take photos. I shoot with a Sony NEX-7 camera and primarily with a 18-200 mm lens. I have experimented with other lenses, but this main one never seems to let me down, and I enjoy the Nex-7 for its compact size yet powerful capabilities.

Initially, I was just seeking to improve my photography skills for the acquisition of before/after photos required in business for continuous improvement activities, for which I would eventually be offering my consulting services. Then, after gathering a number of what I felt were quite interesting and unique photos which others might like to see, I decided to investigate a website presentation technique where this would be possible in a wide screen online HD (1920 × 1080 pixel) format:

This was when I stumbled upon and became quite interested in the WordPress Theme “Invictus” (Envato Themeforest) and WordPress as a website development solution.

As both a Photographer and an Illustrator, I feel Red Bubble offers us a chance to focus on what we love doing and allow the administrative details of selling our work to be taken care of by those who are experts in this area (product preparation and print production, packing, shipping and post-sales customer service).

My initial vision was for a “Bendigo Scenic Portfolio” consisting of nothing more than a few rotating wallpapers on my own computer, many of which I have been viewing for over 3 years now. Then the vision extended to a 200 or so images at the website once it was created. However, now having achieved and exceeded this (now over 500 photos) I am setting my sights higher and would like to achieve 1000 in time and then travel around Melbourne and Victoria to capture beautiful locations around the State. This is already well progressed as I find myself spending a lot more time in Melbourne and now uploading these photos as products on RedBubble.

Each time a visitor arrives at my website, they are presented with a random 50 photos for that visit (from a current selection of 500 photos). Should that visitor wish to see more, its simply a matter of clicking on the SJPhoto Logo or submit a command to clear the browser cache and request a refresh (Ctrl-R or Cmd-R on the Mac) and 50 new photos will be displayed in a rotating fashion of one every 3 seconds. Now that I can see that the website performs very well, I think it would be much better to have a larger range of photos to select from which would allow for each site visit to be a truly unique experience, so I will continue to add to it through the Spring and Summer of 2015/16.

If you like my work, I am available for photography assignments and hope to provide an inquiry page at my website soon giving indicative pricing and availability. Equally, I have an interest in and skill in WordPress website development and would consider assignments in this area also, particularly if you wish a website created in a WordPress theme such as Invictus or something similar. Such work can be time consuming, but is very satisfying when everything is completed and working as designed, and so I would only consider working on one website development project at a time.

As you can see I have a keen interest in landscape photography which would blend well with work in agricultural, industrial, commercial (hotels, pubs, restaurants), real estate, and other property photography projects. Photography of animals, show pets, etc. would also be interesting to work on. I am also curious about portrait photography and would be happy to discuss any opportunities in that area, which someone may have a need for as well.

At the moment, I would consider any assignments within a 5-6 hour drive of Bendigo, which covers most of Victoria, but in time it is a goal of mine to further travel around Australia most particularly to find opportunities to experiment with and perfect skills in HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography and Panorama’s. This would definitely be the ultimate goal achieved, to both see more of this beautiful country and capture my travel experiences in unique photography at the same time.

But for now it all begins here in Bendigo and there are so many more photos and moments yet to be captured, so with the coming springtime I am keen to consolidate the new early stage website creation and then get out there and capture some more great photos to share at my website and to purchase at the SJPhoto Shop on Red Bubble.

Thanks for having a visit of my shop on Red Bubble and for reading through this introduction. While all the photos on here and at my site are copyright, I am working on an idea to make them accessible to the tourist market and community for use on a personal computer or a display device such as a TV, photo frame or dedicated computer monitor. Hopefully, I will have more details to provide in this regard in the next month.

I invite you to follow my photography journey via the Journal at my website. Here I share my experiences with Photography, WordPress, the Fantastic Invictus Word Press Theme, Social Media, Growing your own Following, the latest Photography YouTube Learning I am doing and many more topics. At the very least, with each Journal Post update you will get a great song to listen to →

SJPhoto Journal

or via one of my Social Media sites (link buttons at the bottom of this page).

P.O. Box 2600
Bendigo DC, VIC 3554
+61 409 855 025

When considering a purchase from my Red Bubble shop, the following two links will be of assistance in determining where the chosen product will be produced, the anticipated delivery time and where you can find post-sales support and assistance from the good folks at Red Bubble, located in Melbourne and San Francisco, with production facilities in London, England:

517 Photo Uploads x 53 Products = 27,401 Products + 5 Calendars and Growing

Something to please everyone. From a $2.00 Postcard to a $500 long-lasting Extra-Large Metal Print (1016mm x 572mm)

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Last Updated: 30.4.2017

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