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We’re doing it again! After the success of Shot in the Heart of Melbourne 2012, the inaugural, cooperative project and exhibition featuring street photography and photojournalism shot in our city and displayed at VAS in East Melbourne, we’ve enlisted even more Victorian photographers to share their take on life in Melbourne’s heart. This page is home to all of the images you can expect to see in their full glory when you come to this year’s exhibition in person, and you can view last year’s Virtual Exhibition HERE

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Victorian Artists Society : 430 Albert Street, East Melbourne Victoria, 3002
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Hanging Day: Wednesday, 15th May, 2013
Exhibition Open: Thursday, 16th to Monday, 27th May, 2013
Official Opening: Friday, 17th May, 2013, 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Dismantling Day: Tuesday, 28th May, 2013
Weekdays: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Weekends:   1:00pm – 4:00pm

In recent times it has seemed that this time-honoured, traditional art form of Street Photography has been overshadowed by the flood of the more contemporary staged, set-up, composite, digitally manipulated and heavily processed genres of photography. The digital camera and computer-based processing techniques have created a more “eye candy” style of photography, that tends to elbow its way to the front of exhibitions and competitions. Street Photography celebrates the art of capturing compelling subjects in the real world, presented in unadorned photographs.

There are many aficionados of traditional “street photography” who are very passionate about those fleeting images: taken outside in the real world; on the street; in the rain; on trains and trams; in shops and malls; where people are themselves, acting naturally; and where our unrehearsed lives happen every single day. Those who love this genre of photography know the feeling of elation when they capture something truly unique, fleeting, decisive and graceful.

Our exhibition showcases Street Photography & Photojournalism in Melbourne, by Melbourne & Victorian based photographers, as a way of honouring the beauty and meaning of our real world, as truthfully and artistically as possible.


The Shot in the Heart of Melbourne Exhibition is by nature city-centric, inwardly focused on a city somewhat remote from the great cities of the Northern hemisphere. Therefore it was decided to invite an international aficionado of the street photography genre to share their own beloved city and its unique grace through their photography. This year we are very pleased to welcome Berns Gilna-Murphy to share with us, her city of choice – Valencia, Spain. We welcome Berns to SITHOM2013 and feel certain that visitors will see a sensitive, artistic and insightful rendering of Valencia through her stunning photographs.

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Berns moved to Xativa, Valencia Province, Spain in 2006. A mother of five, Berns lives happily amongst the orange groves, 50km south of Valencia City, with her youngest daughter, husband, three dogs and a cat. She took up photography in 2009, and is now totally addicted to the fun of it all. You can see Berns’ work on her Redbubble Site.

From the point of view of learning, Berns shoots anything, but her real passion is Street Photography, and she has an exceptionally sensitive eye for this genre. She describes Street Photography as – “capturing little pieces of social history, capturing everyday people going about their everyday lives, moments fleeting, never to be repeated, but still contributing to the fabric that history is made of. I never ask permission to shoot, or for people to pose, preferring to shoot unseen and therefore not affect my subjects’ lives. My street captures are virtually unedited – simple processing to black and white in Photoscape and sometimes cropped (though I hate to crop). I use a Fujifilm HS30 (since November 2012); it’s not a DSLR, but neither is it a point and shoot – it’s a Bridge Cam, combining a little of both."


This overview is provided to ensure that the theme of the Shot in the Heart of Melbourne Exhibition is well understood by all Exhibitors. It is not like a general photography exhibition because it was conceived and created exclusively for Street Photography and Photojournalism and therefore does not include Contemporary Photography, Conceptual nor Digital Art Photography. This is not to say that Street Photography cannot also be any of these genres, but it does mean that capture and processing of images is far less manipulated and adorned than would normally be assumed.

Street Photography celebrates the art of capturing compelling subjects in the real world, presented in unadorned photographs. The “art” of the image lies in the subject itself and not in the processing.


Submissions are open to photographers who live in Victoria, except when subject of an invitation by the organizers to create a special feature within the Exhibition.
The “rules” for photography that will comprise this Exhibition generally include those accepted for photojournalism and are as follows:

  • The geographical area featuring in the photography will be the Melbourne Metropolitan Area, with a particular preference for the Council area known as The City of Melbourne. Photography must be urban in scope.
  • The photographs will usually be candid – that is: not posed; not set-up in the street; nor taken in a studio using models; and any subjects in the frame will mostly be unaware that their picture is being taken.
  • It is important to note that the images shall not demean or ridicule any person captured in the frame. We are looking for photography that celebrates the everyday, natural grace of Melbourne and its citizens.
  • The images must have a documentary, photojournalistic, street photography or urban poetry style.
  • Photographs will be Black & White or Natural Colour only.
  • The photographs will not be overly manipulated during capture or post-processing in digital art software (e.g. Photoshop). Photographs will not feature: HDR; multiple-exposures; textures; artificial blurring; applied tones such as sepia, selenium or other colours; cyanotype treatment; applied filters (either in-camera or in processing) for aging, bleaching or other special effects; selective colouring; composite images; Photomatix processing; tone mapping; Topaz processing; Orton processing; Photoshop layers; or cloning to remove physical objects or light present in the scene of the original capture.
  • The use of “special effects” lenses or mechanical filters (e.g. Lensbaby, Tilt Shift, scratched or coloured filters, etc, etc…) must be very limited if used and will be subject to review by the SITHOM2013 Team. To deliberately distort, obscure or blur the subject, just to create: artificial, shallow Depth of Field; extreme vignetting; or other “special effects” for predominantly artistic reasons, is not doing sufficient service to the expressed theme of this particular Exhibition. If an image is highly distorted by using such lenses it may not be accepted. Any images submitted using these “effects” lenses would only be accepted if the effects are minimal and on the basis of one per exhibitor.
  • Post processing of photographs shall be limited to: cropping; adjustment of white balance, brightness, contrast and highlights; sharpening; minor dodging and burning and minor adjustment of colour hue and saturation; to present the image in its most realistic yet artistic form.
  • The best photographs will contain “story”. It is recognized that “story” is still possible without people being in the frame, although the most compelling “street photographs” usually do have characters.
    The photographers who will contribute to this Exhibition instinctively embrace the “spirit” of this event because they are passionate about photographs of the real world, presented in an unadorned style.

“Shot in the Heart of Melbourne” is a self-curated exhibition, cooperatively managed and staged by the featured photographers. Our photographers have enthusiasm, skill and passion, and above all a community spirit that generates cooperation and a desire to create an exhibition event of top class photography.


Photographers Rights, General Privacy, and Copyright in Australia
Thanks to Maree Cardinale for reference

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