“Shot in the Heart of Melbourne” on RedBubble is the virtual nursery for the real Exhibition to be staged in Melbourne in 2012. Here you...

Progress Report # 3: Important Message - Read NOW!

Attention Street Photographers & Photojournos

Re: Shot in the Heart of Melbourne

The Virtual Nursery now has 24 photographers displaying their street photos in their individual Hanging Spaces and all in all we have 233 photos in the Virtual Exhibition.

The Journals and the 24 Hanging spaces have had a total of 2718 views to date.

There is 1 new photographer nearly ready to be hung and 2 indicated they were preparing their Collections ready for hanging after the last Journal posting, but we have not heard from them since.

With this number we have adequate scope for a cost effective, shared Exhibition.


We will be closing the submission period on 31st December 2011. Anyone who has not submitted their photos by that date will not be part of the Exhibition

There has been more than enough time to find out who is enthusiastic and wants to join us. From here on we need to have confirmed numbers so that we can resolve the venue and be confident of our scope for costing purposes.

The 31st Dec Deadline does not apply to your mix of images if you already have your hanging space. You can still change your images after 31st. This deadline applies only to photographers who have not got their Hanging Spaces yet.


Mounting for the Exhibition has been discussed and may need further discussion, but this much has been agreed so far as a minimum requirement:

  • all prints must be hard mounted, no prints will be pinned on the walls without mounts – 15mm Gatorboard would be the minimum, mounting requirement,
  • the print sizes will be a minimum of 455 × 305mm / 16” x12” and a maximum of 607 × 407mm / 24” x 16”

This requirement is basically the standard RedBubble Mounted Print (not including the “small size”, i.e.:

RedBubble Mounted Prints

  • High gloss finish
  • Optional border to include artists name
  • Archival quality Kodak Endura paper
  • Mounted on Gatorboard (a super tough 15mm rigid foam)

Minimum Dimensions
The final dimensions will depend on the image you choose, but the most common photographic sizes are:

Without Border

  • Medium – 455 × 305mm / 16” x12”
  • Large – 607 × 407mm / 24” x 16”

With Border

  • Medium – 542 × 390mm / 21.3” x 15.4”
  • Large – 695 × 491mm / 27.4” x 19.3”

We welcome your input about more expensive mounting (i.e. full framing), but at this stage we are taking the position that cost is important to most contributors. But we also acknowledge that appearance is also important. Feel free to BMail us your thoughts and we will try to accommodate the majority view. We need to achieve a consistent, professional appearance that matches the “street” nature of the images.


All photographers have a maximum of 10 photos in their Hanging Spaces, but depending on which venue we secure the final number of images will between 5 and 10. We will tailor the final number to the Venue Space and everyone’s cost considerations. Some photographers may even drop to only 2-3 images if cost becomes an issue for them – this is acceptable. However, we are very cost conscious and are trying to secure spaces that are not too expensive so that we can display as many as possible.

To date we have tried one Gallery with little joy. At the “1000 Pound Bend” gallery the smaller Ranchos Notorious Gallery upstairs was preferred, but we have had to give up trying. The people who manage this space simply will not return emails and will not give us any firm idea of when we could hire the space. We have visited them twice and sent 4 emails and have to admit defeat. They simply will not commit to anything.

At the moment we have approached the MCC for a free space in the Town Hall or some other Council Space – this is probably a pipe dream, but worth the try.

The most promising and has been confirmed is a Gallery Space in the Victorian Artists’ Society building at 430 Albert Street, East Melbourne. The spaces are gorgeous and we can have a two week staging at the start of May 2012. Check it out on the Web or drop in during the week. They close for Christmas between 21st Dec and 24th Jan.

This is a long way off, but so far it is the best we can find. The space is perfect, the location is perfect, the cost is excellent, but it is in May and we were hoping for February-March. In the end this may not matter if the venue is as good as this.

This is where all of you come in – if you think we need to stage it earlier, then help us find an alternative venue that we can secure for February or March.

You are out there, you have contacts, your contacts have contacts, you are 24 in number and you are part of this Exhibition. Have a look at the VAS galleries and the costs for two weeks. We need a space, as close to the CBD as VAS, for a similar cost. In the meantime, we will be visiting VAS to measure up each gallery space to see how many photos we can hang and how the spaces work. I have it on good authority that VAS is wonderful to work with and so far they have responded quickly and enthusiastically – what more can you ask for.


At some stage we will need to call on everyone to contribute funds to secure a deposit for the venue. We can’t afford to carry the cost ourselves so your timely response will be appreciated. We will prepare a Cost Plan for your perusal before requesting your contribution.

We look forward to hearing from you. And remember, for those of you taking your time to submit, we close off on 31st December.

Rhoufi, Ell, Andrew, Christine & Georgie
19th December, 2011

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