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Golden Paddler Photographic Print


  • Superior quality silver halide prints
  • Archival quality Kodak Endura paper
  • Luster: Professional photo paper with a fine grain pebble texture
  • Metallic: Glossy finish and metallic appearance to create images with exceptional visual interest and depth


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Golden Paddler
IF YOU CRY BECAUSE THE SUN HAS GONE OUT OF YOUR LIFE, YOUR TEARS WILL PREVENT YOU FROM SEEING THE STARS" — Rabindranath Tagore !,441x415,w,ffffff.2u3.jpg! The historical village of Topsham on the Exe Estuary in Devon, England. It was a January evening when I saw someone quietly paddling into shore - on a board! It was a lovely serene atmosphere. !,standard,x400,center-bg,ffffff.u3.jpg! !,x1650,side-c,180,130,750,1000-bg,f8f8f8.u5.jpg!

Photographic Print

Golden Paddler by Charmiene Maxwell-Batten


Featured in this Collection

Topsham, England by Sita

These are photos taken in the historic village of Topsham where all my family live.

Waiting on the Grass by Sita
Evening Blue Mist in Topsham by Sita
Golden Paddler by Sita
Snowed in by Sita
Evening paddler by Sita
Alone on the water by Sita
Boats in Morning Mist by Sita
A Time to Ponder by Sita
Lilac and Appleblossom by Sita
Dusk on TOPSHAM Estuary by Sita
Mist coming into Topsham by Sita
Radiant Window by Sita
Stranded by Sita
A Splash of Red by Sita
Brightening the Garden  Shed by Sita
Sun Setting over Topsham Estuary by Sita
Topsham Evening by Sita
Boats in the Mist by Sita
A Golden Moment by Sita
End of a Day by Sita
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