THE Dance Audition....

I thought that possibly, I might stand a chance.
Poor naive Sarah. So deluded.
One hour before, hopeful auditionees were stretching.
I arrived 5 minutes before and attempted to touch my toes.
We go in to the hall, and we are told we are going to do a little warm up.
Could I do the warm up exercises?
We get into one of the dances. The lady tells us to start with arms in second, then do a triple piroe-thingy with lantache-majig finish. Okay. No problems.
I krump.
The dancers look at me. Disgusted. But did I know a piroe-thingie with a lantache-majig was just a few turns and a jump?
So I stood there. Smirked, while all the other dances were “pulsating” or some shit. What the HELL is pulsating? Do I even want to know?
So I gave the adjudicators a thumbs up, and blew them a kiss each then walked out with my head high
Maybe I get extra points for personality or pizzazz or having a certain “je ne sais quais”
… i like to call it arrogance.

Fingers crossed for the call backs… dont worry, I’ll keep you all updated…

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