CORE: 2nd Encounter

“Move, move, move!” Masamune shouted as she hurled me off the ground and onto her shoulders like some rag doll.
The scouter fired shots at us, but Masamune was quite skilled in dodging them as she scuffled along the debris of this fallen town. It took me by surprise to see her holding her own against this behemoth of an android. Never in my twelve years of living would I have expected this woman to be my savior. And quite the savior she was being right now.
This little sigh of relief didn’t last long as the scouter came after us full fledge. Masamune bent every corner she came across and, enter each run down building and house that was in sight, not wanting to give the scouter a good shot at us. It was quite creepy hearing these heavy, intimidating footsteps follow our every move. And knowing what kind of demon that was making them was even more heart pumping.
“We can’t go on running like this”, she whispered to me exhaustingly. “Maybe he can, but not us.”

The android’s footsteps were getting louder. Did he pick up speed I thought to myself; but soon realize it was Masamune who was slowing down. I don’t blame her; after all she had to carry me as well. She dashed up the stairs of what looked like an old, abandon bar and kicked open the first door insight to a dusty yet musky smelling room.

The room stood quite dark with a streak of light beaming through the only window present. Masamune set me down and beckoned me to stay quiet as we listen in on the scouter. We heard its slow footsteps downstairs, as if it lost track of our location. Masamune looked a bit worn out but was more relax than I.
“This is getting ridiculous,” she whispered to me as sweat ran down her sleepy face. “We have to take it down before it takes us out.”
She tiptoed across the room and looked out through the tiny window. The scouter was getting hasty as its footsteps became quick again.
“Fuck, its coming,” Masamune pointed out as she pulled out what looked like a grenade. The room trembled after each monstrous step causing me to carefully back away from the door. Masamune lowered herself and wrapped her left arm around my tiny waist with the grenade held tightly in her right hand.

Our eyes were both fixated on the room’s entrance waiting to see the big hideous figure appear at any moment. However, our actions were too obvious as the scouter burst through the wooden wall of the room. Masamune leapt from her position in surprise but was too slow as the creature thrust its shoulder into her chest, launching us both across the room where we plastered on the wall closest to the window.
Masamune reacted much quicker than me who was still trying to gain focus from the impact. She lifted my frail body and sent me flying through the window. I thought to myself whether she was trying to protect me or kill me before landing on something soft. It was an old, run-down convertible but my attention was immediately refocused on the room where Masamune was fighting the scouter all alone.
The room exploded in a fiery blaze as the wind from the blast stabbed me like a thousand knives. It took me some time to get back in touch with reality but I soon realize that the creature was most likely an overcooked meal and Masamune along with it. I kneeled there in the car still shocked from all that was taking place, trying my best to believe that I was dreaming.

“How pitiful to see someone sacrifice herself like that for something as miniscule as you,” said a grim voice behind me.
It was a bald, pale looking man dressed in black clergy robes.
“But I must applaud her for ridding me of both the scouter and herself.”
His eyes fell onto me, where he smiled. “Now come on my child,” he said gesturing at me. “You have a new pilgrimage at hand.”

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CORE: 2nd Encounter


Castries, Saint Lucia

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Artwork Comments

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