What I'm doing

For those of you who know me you know that art is my life.
I’ve spent the last couple years dedicating a good portion of my time to art and my passion for creating whether it be through music, writing, digital art and photography.
I am very flexible and can very well create what people would like me to create as opposed to just making what you may see posted throughout my new space here at redbubble. My website of choice prior to coming to redbubble was my-space which is actually an unfortunate place of business. We all know it is more of a big ol’ social community more than anything.
But….through my years of myspacing I made plenty of contacts who helped me slowly develop recognition for what I do as an artist and thats why I chose to bring some of what I do here……to red bubble.
I will be posting lots of artwork, photography and such in the days to come so keep checkin back. I’m sure you’ll find something that appeals to you eventually.

Also, if you do indeed have a myspace check me out there as well for different styles of artwork that I have constructed.http://www.myspace.com/sintheticconcepts

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