Can't wait to be in stitches- Custom fabric ahoy!

Well it was my birthday last week so I decided to treat myself with fabric, but it wasn’t your average tartan, chevron or gingham. prints custom fabric, so I uploaded my designs and am eagerly awaiting these pretties to arrive in the post:

You can purchase or view these Here or just click on the image.

Now, once you’ve ordered either a test swatch or bigger of your design and you’re happy with it, you can put your design in the Spoonflower marketplace for others to purchase (with a small profit per print bigger than a test swatch).

As a little girl I dreamed of designing textiles (I always loved fabric) and so there’s one more off the bucket list.
Definitely one for Bubblers to check out.

P.S I currently have a sick computer so might be a little slow getting back to comments :( But we’re nursing her back to health.).
So annoying as GIMP crashes the computer and I really wanted to enter the Oxfam contest. Oh well.

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