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Comic Book Funny - part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

For those of you in Melbourne during the Comedy Festival with an interest in local comics, I highly recommend trying to get over to Trades Hall for this. It’s free to go, and features some fantastic local talent, including Nicki Greenberg, author of the highly-publicised graphic novel adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

Nakedfella Productions Presents

Stand-up comedy is lovely, but it’s got a Twilight Zone-style mirror world which lives on paper and feeds on ink: the world of the underground cartoonist.

Australia’s vigorous community of independent comic book makers spend their days as clerks, shopgirls, students, teachers, ad artists, animators and telemarketers. By night the spotlight drops onto their drawing boards and their pens and brushes come out to play.

Their work is angry, scatological, satiric, whimsical and just plain funny.

Comic Book Funny is a series of free events presenting the often hilarious, occasionally touching and always purchasable works of Australia’s funniest comics auteurs — the print analogue to the rest of the Comedy Festival.

Drop by the Bella Union Bar at Trades Hall each Saturday at 4pm and you’ll meet a few more talented cartoonists. See their wares! Ask them questions! Drink with them! Admire their ink-stained fingers!

Featuring Australia’s best and funniest cartoonists: Gerard Ashworth, Neale Blanden, David Blumenstein, Bernard Caleo, Pat Grant, Nicki Greenberg, Ben Hutchings, Dean Rankine, Glenn Smith, Ross Tesoriero, Andrew Weldon and more!

David Blumenstein and Ben Hutchings will be podcasting local comics talk and general silliness during the festival, at

This show is part of Comedy @ Trades


Venue: Bella Union Bar, Trades Hall
Dates: Saturday Mar 22, Mar 29, Apr 5, Apr 12
Tickets: Free
Times: 16:00pm
Bookings: None

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