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Pulp Faction Profile: David J Cunning

Hello and welcome to the second Pulp Faction Profile, where we aim to spotlight the amazing talent coming out of the Aus. independant comic scene and beyond.

Our second factioneer is an oz comics dynamo – not content merely to produce and promote his own work, David has started what could arguably be one of the most prolific publishers of local content in recent memory through the formation of Local Act Comics.

So, without any further ado…

David J Cunning

Occupation: Business Manager

Secret Occupation: Local Act Comics Director, comic artist and writer

Hometown: East Ringwood, Vic Australia

Currently Residing: Bayswater, Vic Australia.

I grew up on Peanuts, Wizard of Id, Andy Capp, Garfield, Dick Tracy and the old Gladstone Disney comics. From there it was Spiderman, Batman, Sin City, Hellspawn, Hellboy and Hellblazer (what’s with all the HELL :-P). My strongest influences would have to be Kelly Jones (Batman_), Frank Miller (Sin City_), Mike Mingola (Hellboy) and Marcelo Frusin (Hellblazer and Loveless).

Current projects:
Running Local Act Comics, which is one of the biggest comic publishers in Australia. We organise production and distribution of Aussie comics on behalf of their creators. This includes attending conventions, keeping the website up to date and shipping catalogues out to stores across the country.

On top of that I’m working as the artist on the horror series Down Under and the fantasy series Strange Dreams (both the webcomic and the miniseries). Once I manage to clear the decks again I’ll be looking at getting back into my western series Billy Joe Tequila. I also co-ordinate the LAC Presents… Anthology which comes out 2-3 times a year.

I’m a bit of a redbubble addict so I often find myself knocking up new tee shirt designs when I should be doing other things…Its hard to cut back when its so much fun.

Local Act Comics – Its my Aussie comic baby. Representing loads of Aussie creators is a blast.

Strange Dreams, the webcomic

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