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The Game of Kings - Prequel comic begins today

For the better part of the last three years, I, along with a great team of fellow bubblers have been working on a chess-themed collaborative project called the Game of Kings. Featuring a board populated by creatures as varied as the backgrounds and skills of the artists involved, the second phase (the battle/chess game itself) wrapped up recently (you can explore the whole story starting from here)

However, as anyone who has explored the various pieces of the board, read their bios, or the additional prelude pieces contained within the GoK profile would discover, there is a wealth of untapped material concerning the two opposing armies and the worlds they inhabited before their climactic struggle began.

So, proving yet again that they are two of the mightiest contributors (or most foolhardy ;o)), messrs Sturstein and Ausven took it upon themselves to start adapting some of the early prequel material. Starting today, you can read the fruit of their labours, beginning right HERE


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