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Pulp Faction Profile: Caanan

Hello, and welcome to the first Pulp Faction Profile. The aim of this journal is to help spotlight some of the stellar talent on display in the Pulp Faction: Comics and Sequential Art group.

First cab off the rank is the whimsical stylings of Caanan…


Occupation: Illustrator – storyboards and kid’s books, mainly

Secret Occupation: Comic Strip Artist

Hometown: Ballarat, Vic Australia

Currently Residing: Toronto, ON. Canadia.

I grew up on Peanuts, Archie comics, and the old Gladstone Disney comics – Carl Barks, Don Rosa, etc. They remain my strongest influences, but as I got older – as a teenager, I was a big fan of Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Erik Larsen, etc, then threw that all away. And after that, took in animated films and all the behind the scenes concept art and storyboarding that went into them, Calvin & Hobbes, Zits, Mutts, Bone, Liberty Meadows and the work of Doug TenNapel.

Current projects:
Apart from the advertising storyboarding which keeps me fed, clothed and sheltered, I work on my comic strips, The Middle Ages, which comes out bi-monthly from Local Act Comics, about a bunch of 12 year olds, and Squirrels and Pigeons, which I hope to break into a newspaper somewhere, somehow. It’s about a park janitor who can talk to the squirrels and pigeons there, so it’s kinda nutty, but it’s also more about how, because he has a kind of lowly job, he’s as largely ignored by our increasingly self-obsessed society as the animals are. It might sound cynical, but with cartoons you almost have to be.

I also have about twenty other kids book/comic ideas all at various stages of development that I tinker with on and off. I sometimes think I’d make a better writer, but I’m a massive control freak and have the obsessive need to hold on to these stories so I can draw them myself one day.

And lastly, check out my redbubble shirts. I try and make t-shirts that are kind of nerdy and for your inner child, because if you put that kind of thing on your chest, I’d hope that other like-minded people will respond to it, conversations will start up, and people will find, deep down, that their inner child isn’t as dead as they thought.

Occasional Comics Disorder – has latest strips and news as it comes. – My old site with various strips. Never completed, as I left the country before I could finish it, but still, there’s some laughs to be had there.

Local Act Comics – so people can find out where to purchase The Middle Ages. Oh, as well as Junk, (written by Dave Cunning, drawn by Me) and my 24 hour comics double shot – Gypsy and the Astronaut (2006 winner) and Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow (2007 – 16pg category – winner). I also contributed to the Presents anthology, issues 2 and 3.

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