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Come join the Pulp Faction...


Just thought I’d take the opportunity to let you all know about a new group I’ve started here on the RB, called ’Pulp Faction: Comics and Sequential Art":

As the title suggests, the group’s main focus is on art and writing about and involving comics and sequential art. Superheroes, manga, newspaper/editorial cartooning, experimental/indie stuff – it’s all welcome here!

The other aim of the group is to raise awareness of the awesome Aussie comickers out there, a lot of whom are also members of the site that lends us it’s name Pulp Faction – an online community that’s been helping promote oz comics for the last few years. While it’s Aus-centric, it’s more than open to the wider global community (and is in fact run by honorary Australian, Maggie McFee, whose based in the US!).

Anyway, all rambling aside, please swing by, and feel free to join if you like what you see!


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