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The Joy of the Watchlist...

Just a quickie saying how much I dig the watchlist and favorites features of RB. One of the things I’m finding myself doing a lot since I’ve joined is being able to navigate through other members’ watchlists or favourites, finding new and increasingly cool stuff along the way.

Some personal highlights from my travels of late:

Chris Wahl

If you haven’t seen this man’s stuff (and you should’ve, since he’s hit the home page more than once), go and look at it now. Pure, illustrative, genius.

Doug Holgate

Cartoonist/Illustrator extraordinaire (did I spell that right???), Doug’s work has graced the pages of books and comics aplenty. I had the pleasure of collaborating with the Ol’ Beardo in an exhibition a couple of years back, and if I can get my own shit together, may try to wrangle him in on something else in the future.

Blue Giant

Found this guy’s stuff while trawling through the watchlists, and I have to say, I’m pretty bloody impressed – top shelf stuff.

If you like what you see with these guys, head on through the ever-expanding watchlist I’ve got going for more tasty art goodness.


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