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Wall-Mounted-Death-Machines: Part Deux!


Well, it’s been a long time coming, but we here in the lab believe that the general populace is ready for wall-mounted killbots.

In order to ensure that we meet your particular killratio requirements, our factories have just released the latest models into the market. Whether you need a straight-forward one-target-elimination, or total-global-slaughter, we have the right bot for your needs.

This latest release includes:

Killbot 04 – Psiclops and CRABS

Killbot 05 – SliceNdice

Killbot 06 – The Bot WIth No Name

Killbot 07 – Ramshackle

As always, each bot comes with it’s own unique set of kill functions and our iron-clad guarantee that if you want it dead, our bots will get it done.

(no liability is taken for any injury or death incurred by the owner or their loved ones should their killbot malfunction.)

For details on our full range of killbots, please visit our showroom here

Have a happy day.


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