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Raised on a diet of Doctor Who, Tolkien, Dungeons & Dragons and comic books, Simon Sherry has been making monsters from the moment he...

Holy Crap - 50 tees sold!

Many thanks to all of you out there on the interwebs who have bought one (or in some cases more) of my t-shirts. After having a squint at the sales section I noticed that I’ve clocked in at 50 tees!

The awesome community aspect of this site and the way in which its members help and encourage each other is fantastic on its own. Knowing that people out there not only enjoy my art, but want to own and wear it is one hell of a slab of icing on the cake.

If you do own one of my designs, I would love to hear any feedback you have. If you can take a shot of yourself or someone else in said tee, that would be even better.

To those of you that have commented on my work, offered helpful crits, and helped me out when I’ve needed it, thank you – you all rock!


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