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Pulp Faction Profile: BMB

Well, it’s been over three months since the last installment, and it’s time to catch up.

For those of you unfamiliar with this series, the Pulp Faction Profiles are used to spotlight some of the awesome talent on display in the Pulp Faction group here on RedBubble. Today’s profile features the one and only BMB, gentleman, scholar, and madman behind the Stark Reality webcomic and graphic novels (available for sale here).

So, without any further ado, heeeeeeeeerrrrrrreeeees BMB…

Occupation: Housewife (…But I have a penis)
Secret Occupation: Art monkey
Hometown: I’ll have to ask my parents.
Currently Residing: East of Melbourne…but not so far east that it actually becomes west. That would be silly.


2000AD, Judge Dredd Megazine and Heavy Metal (The U.S anthology comic) These would be the major influences I’d guess as they’ve all been a part of my life now for quite some time. I also love/loved: Punisher, Transmetropolitan, The Boys, a bunch of the Verotik comics, the sadly short lived MamTor Event Horizon, Lobo, GI-Joe (I was a pre-teen!) The Maxx, Spawn, the Warhammer 40k comics and the amazing art found within the White Dwarf tabletop gaming magazine.

Specific artists…there are so many I’d like to list I’d just end up forgetting most of them! Hmmm…three top ones that I’d love to sit down and learn a thing or two from if I had to pick…

4 hours later

…John Hicklenton (The man’s a GOD! BEST. NEMESIS. EVER!)

Simon Bisley…it’s 1988/89 and BMB see’s Simon Bisleys B&W ABC Warriors art for the first time. I can’t count the hours I spent staring at each page. Happy times! (Strangely enough, that’s the same time that Hicklenton’s Nemesis was in _2000AD_…hmmm…)

Geof Darrow… I want to know how he was able to put the brain-melting detail into stuff like Hard Boiled without going nuts.

Current projects:

STARK REALITY, STARK REALITY and possibly a bit of STARK REALITY. I do 2 pages a week which takes up a big chunk of my spare time, although that’s probably because I’m a pretty slow artist. Dave Cunning of Local Act Comics will be publishing the Stark Reality stories as graphic novels (ED: the first one is out now)
, so now I’m busy trying to get enough material for volume 3. I have many many ideas for the Stark Reality universe, but I have to try and pace myself, so first I want to properly introduce the world and develop a stable of characters before I start having reoccurring personalities/sequels. Sometimes I do chuck in a little cameo appearance from one stories character in another story just for fun though.

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My RedBubble account
My webcomic 2 new pages a week!
Buy the Stark Reality Graphic novel here

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