Lavender Feathers.

Lavender feathers wade
amidst a vast ocean pasture
mistaken vibrance of green.

O’ sweet scent drift, let
local villagers become captured-
momentary in a lapse of dismissed

Let it spark savage passion
beckoning from the knees
forced worship of

Demanding you to peel back
each layer of cloth
revealing, unto me.

I summons you, sweet chariot,
Bleed for me. Guide
the sap between
bark crevices and lay
long enough to petrify.

Convince me of your hunger
Let me watch, let me
tempt you long enough
to tease.

I shall water you
just enough,
to make you thirst.

I shall love you enough
to make you doubt.

I shall smile long enough
to make you wonder.

O’ entrench me
Saturate my mind
with lustful assurance
over and over again.

Calm me.
Breathe me in, once more
before I sleep.

O’ brazen horse
not another tear shall fall
quite the same.

Until morning knocks gently
upon porcelain eyelids
I shall escape you, escape me.

Relishing in,
an ocean of green pastures-
waving lavender feathers
before local villagers.

Until you reveal
mahogany sap bleeding
into bark crevices.

Solidify thee.
Only to petrify you.

Show me you bleed.

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