Flute of desire.

May your silhouette

drape softly onto my skin.

Sheath of lust. Shadowed light.

May your curves tangle into mine

Valley of awe and inspiration,

guiding my trace, nurtured fruit;

Flute of desire. Writhe.

Surging hips deny quavers

appetence releases time.


Collective currents, seismic souls

Primrose paths adorned in petals

of flesh, lashings of tongue-

height of indulgence. Statued moment,

arrested by oscillating sensations.



May your whisper

caress my heart,

your touch, sing

into my soul

your lips, dance

across my chest.

When tranquility of dawn

lapses beyond my window

may your sheath of lust

drape onto my skin, while

subtle harmonies linger

in my memory, forever.

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