David A. Everitt (aka silverstrummer)

Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Published work: “The Orchestral Ensemble”, “Love Measures” I received a letter from “H.M. Queen...

Hi my name is David Everitt (aka silverstrummer) I Have recently married and living with my wife in Leicestershire, UK.


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One of my favorite photographs below, is one with my Grandson 17 years ago!

From a baby to an accomplished guitar player at 17 having performed in public on many occasions “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26RYnCmXeXk”

and his second video with his original composition called “Change” “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEatufkzLGE”

He comes under his own name as MattZaraMusic

He now does session work too at local Studio’s.

My Granddaughter Jess is 20 years old this year and is a soprano singer now studying Environmental and Sustainability Management. She also sang with a choir at the Royal Albert Hall London on 28th September 2014 to commemorate 100 years of WWI …. along with other choirs from other country’s

Breast Cancer Awareness Please click on the link so someone can have a Free Mammogram

My life changed in 1997 after an accident where I sustained a serious head injury, and after a long time in recovery I had to get back to to some normality in my life. I couldn’t do the things I used to do before my accident, so I turned my hand to writing, over the past few years I have completed a number of commemorative books for friends and relatives.I also began writing poetry too. This has kept my brain active and gave me new challenges to overcome and new things to learn although my short term memory is poor.

I have started to write songs, which I enjoy thoroughly but unfortunately it takes a lot of my time up, I have also added chords to my songs, they do mean a lot to me as they are my original works and this is something I would never have thought of doing, so in a way my accident led me to do all of my workings!

I have completed an Old soldiers memoirs regarding The Korean War (The Forgotten War of 1950 – 1953) He was in the Kings Hussar’s unfortunately he was taken prisoner. The old soldier has since passed on. The book was taken to St Jame’s Palace where Her Majesty The Queen Mother was their Patron Colonel In Chief. (Whether H.R.H. saw the book I don’t know). One veteran soldier who did read the book at the Palace, asked permission to copy some of the information so he can add it to his own Auto-Biography.


I have been fortunate enough to have had some of my works published which are:

01) Orchestral Ensemble
Was published in 2011 by United Press of London in their publication of Uplifting Moments.

02) Love Measures
Has been chosen by United Press of London to be included in their publication of a book Painting With Words which will be in bookshops in December 2012

03) My Love For You
I am one of 53 poets that have been chosen out of 60,000 poets by United Press of London to chose one of my own poems that will be included in their publication called United Press Poetry Diary 2013

Thank You United Press for your help and promoting my work

Thank You also to RedBubble for the opportunity to show my poetry and watch it grow in your wonderful community of Artist’s


Don’t Give Up On Me is about a little girl called Madeleine who lived in a village called Rothley, Leicestershire, UK she was abducted from Portugal 3rd May 2007 whilst on holiday with her parents and hasn’t been seen since!

Find Madeleine


Being a member of RB now for a number of years has given me the experience and confidence to further my many ways of writing, Poetry, Song Writing and Stories.

I have viewed some wonderful works on RB and found there are so many talented Artist’s from all over the world!
This is what RedBubble has achieved over the years in creating a wonderful community where we can all share ideas and help new Artist’s just breaking out!

If you do find the time to read my writings and view my Photographs, Poems and Stories, it would be so nice leaving comments even if you don’t think something is right tell me please (in a nice way) it will hopefully help me to improve.

I have decided rightly or wrongly to try my hand at photography ……… I’m not really a camera person, behind the lense or in front of it, but I am willing to try!

I use a Sony DSC-H5 Camera

My Own Motto in life is :-
Live Life For Today And Save A Smile For Somebody Tomorrow

“© Copyright 2009 – 2014 – All Rights Reserved – All works registered through Copyright House”

All Writings, Poems, Songs, True Stories and All Artworks submitted here on RedBubble and displayed On this website are NOT Public Domain or Free to use in any description. These are my own intellectual property unless otherwise stated..
of any writings or images in this website or anywhere else is strictly forbidden without written permission!*



1) Tainia Finlay ~~ Turning The Page

2) Larissa Kulik (AnnMei) ~~ Two Young Sorceres’s

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4) Earthmonster ~~ A Cloning Of My Car – This Is a true story

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6) mainephotobug ~~ Spirit of Two Wolves

7) Judith Hayes ~~ Our Heroes of 2009

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9) Tainia Finlay ~~ A Spring Rose’s Requiem

10) “killerbunny1984” ~~ The Heart Of The Fire

11) Diana Calvario ~~ The Storyteller’s Story Told!

12) Martin Muir ~~ On the dark side….

13) Tracy Faught – Push To Reset

14) Martin Muir ~~ The Soul Raper


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A Political Discussion On The Word Bigot
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Push To Reset

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The Great Archway to Heaven

Featured in :-
Kent – The Garden Of England – 12th April 2009

Christ On The Cross

“Christ On The Cross” For The Love Of Jesus Group – 13th May 2009

You Made Us Cry

Featured in :-
1) The Nirvana Group – March 2009 (Without the Image)
2) # 1 ARTISTS OF REDBUBBLE – 26th June 2009

Carters Fair – Ice Cream Van

Featured in :
1) Remember When – 27th September 2009

My Dream Machine

Featured in :
Shameless Self-Promotion – 10th October 2009

My Family – Taken at a Ladies Evening Function

Featured in :
The Family Album – 15th March 2010

  • Age: 70
  • Joined: November 2008



I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone whot knows me and to everyone that doesn’t but reads this (Including everyone behind the scenes at RedBubble) A MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY HOLIDAYS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR. / Sorry not to send a personal one but I hope that you will accept this and to thank you also for your friendship too! / To the ladies I send you (((Hugz))) x / To the guys …
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Having been asked to write and read a Poem in public for the Queens Diamond Jubilee on the 4th June 2012 by my local Councillor John Sutherington, (there were approximately 800 people at the celebrations). A copy was sent to Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace. / Our local magazine “Your Local” has printed in their September edition 2012 which can be found on page 14 of the magazine whic…
Posted almost 6 years – 4 comments

Sorry for my Absence

To all my friends on RedBubble / Please accept my sincere apologies for doing a disappearing act over a year ago for Personal reasons I couldn’t find the time for redbubble and then I was ill and lost my confidence. I felt vulnerable and its only over the past few weeks and with a nudge or too from my friend Tai Finlay and on paying a visit this afternoon to Please visit “oneofthec…
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I have missed you guys!

I have missed you guys over the past 6 months as many of you may have noticed I wasn’t around ………… my mind has been in a turmoil lately but hopefully its settling down ……….. and that I shall be back in the new year. / I want to take this opportunity and wish everyone on RedBubble ……… Happy Holidays ………….. Se…
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