Pure Harmony

We are in fact individual Spirit Entities in the form of A Hue-Man Be-In(g) so, imagine if you will throughout the universe, floating and encompassing all it reaches, an enormous infinitive cloud like form of energy…sparkling and flashing in the form of the most beautiful colours you have ever seen! So beautiful in fact, that your eyes well up with tears as it glides along covering and re-energising all it passes through.

This is what YOU are a very important part of. Your are Alpha…you are Omega… YOU are the Beginning and End

We are in fact extremely powerful beings, with a pre-energised connection to a universal source of complete majesty, control and power. There is a psychic ability within us ALL waiting for us to connect at any moment …. send a thought spiralling out into the universe and it actually harness this energy. To connect our being to this main frame a thought is all it takes!
It is in fact an integral part to our coming to understand and act upon the greatest lesson that is this journey that is life. To attain this moment by moment ascension into another level of conscious existence we must learn HOW to manoeuver the precious essel that is encased within this body…. our mind.

In other words, we have to master the mind WITHIN the body, for it alone is the key to all the answers scientists and scholars seek to find. Life pushes doubt OUT of you…and then pushes INTO you an understanding of what you are and what you are a part of.
It deliberately disturbs your mind so as to awaken your inner timing and therefore your pre-earth schedule kicks in, permitting and inviting into your OWN mind the incredible power to become aware and re-design EXACTLY what is needed for you to achieve a state of being higher than this on Planet Earth. YOUR choice, noone elses.

There is no ONE ANSWER to life’s mysteries that can be copied. It is an individual sojourn of Spirit. It is a different lesson taught to us all in a similar…but a very personal way to each…in OUR special space and time in this wondrous universe!

It is imperative for each and every soul upon this planet to carve their OWN pathway. Along the way we may join to another and walk together a while…this is for a learning/teaching purpose….ALWAYS. Even if it is only to learn how to receive or to administer the ultimate gift in life….LOVE.

You must NOT imitate another soul’s response to a lesson. You are here to evaluate and re-design YOUR OWN outcome of this life. Wittingly or un-wittingly!

The more you ‘tune in’ the less time you waste lamenting failure or loss, need, pain (both physical and mental) anger, jealousy, and many other HUMAN emotions.

You begin to sense things rather than imagine. You hear what is like an INNER voice telling you ‘yes’ and ‘no’ by a feeling…a sense.

A ‘line-in’ to your inner being begins to pick up on a request for service like communication with your higher self…your vessel…your mind. This will manifest an everyday PHYSICAL feeling of inner peace and an as-sured calm as you travel on through your OWN space in the illusion of time.

This is spirit within you re-joining and re-linking YOU to the floating energy force that is throughout the universe awaiting souls to re-connect…and to utilise its strength and wisdom while here on earth.

Books, seminars and the likes are wonderful tools provided in guiding you to enter through the doorway into your PSYCHIC SELF…YOUR SPIRIT ABILITY…but unless YOU yourself are really listening and studying the way of operating it? Trust me when I tell you it WILL NOT connect your soul to the universal link.

You cannot just plug in a good connection to life…. you must RECEIVE it! You have no doubt often heard said " Life is what YOU make it" ?…well, it is!

We are ALL genius.
We are ALL great masters of all we choose to accomplish…the mind within us commits it to be so. There is no other way. Your mind is a totally separate force within you with power to control and move your body housing the soul to the highest levels of existence…when YOU direct it.

Life moves you at the pace at which YOU empower it to! But…your mind is also a frequency connected in-voluntary to the source of ALL things of that which you are part. Therefore, with or without your knowledge, this mechanism also has an ‘in-built’ homing signal that at some stage begins to fire usually when you are spiritually ready to become aware…you begin to hear and reject life’s static signals, and to feel the pull in a longing for a higher state of being in ‘life’.

If YOUR life takes a ‘bad’ turn…release this thought there and then!

DO NOT run around yelling ‘fire!’…For unless you accept your existence at this time in space as a ‘parrallel cabled invisible connection’ in the great plan of joining ALL life form into the The Great Source that is your soul/inner being/spirit…you are and shall remain what you are now.

And that is…Merely…Quite Simply…Only…Human!

It is up to you to ‘fine tune’ your connection into the universal wavelength…the power source of all that is was or will ever be.

There are energies in many forms here on earth, surrounding us. Some to assist us in developing into the Ascended Beings we are here on Earth to become. Others…to perfect or to affirm this knowledge, inspiring us to a self examination or our pre-earth commitment to ourselves in mastering this great plan of things called…Life’.

Learn to find the tools, using them to guide your ultimate design for YOUR life and afford others the same right to so do.
Use your time here as you would a canvas, painting your OWN space and time into the great and timeless ‘Universal Picture’.

©Silver Queen. 2000 Р2008. All Rights Reserved

Pure Harmony


Sydney, Australia

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