Nearly exhibition time!

Two weeks and a few days to go until we’re hanging this beast!

What you can see so far in this account are our “extra” images. These images are to complement those which will be in the real-life flesh and blood exhibition. For the moment we’ve kept the exhibit images private, but they will become public once the exhibition is open!

A few words of explanation:

“Unsensored07 is an exciting upcoming independent exhibition organised and run by a small group of photographic artists who practice and value work with film in this day of digital conveniences.

The exhibition will feature 12 artists, all with a very distinct style and will take place between 26th October and 10th November at Kerala Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.

What makes this show quite distinct is the fact that all works are on film
- considered a dying (if not dead) art form that carries a lot more spirit and tradition and has certain genuinity to it.

More importantly, is what this means on a social / environmental / cultural parallel that is really important.

Shooting film in an age where digital photography is readily available and is a lot faster, simpler, and more convenient represents the vinyl in the mp3 world, the live gig in the lap-top album culture, the bike ride to work amongst
other things and strongly comments on the ‘more of everything / less substance in anything’ contemporary reality, uniformity and loss of personal touch, consumer based everything and loss of true genuinity.”

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