Let's Promote Peace!

I’m going to dedicate this journal to showcasing art here on RedBubble dedicated to peace, love, coexistence, anti-violence and harmony. Additionally, this journal promotes anti-violence, anti-hate, anti-rape, anti-aggression. The world is so full of horrible things and horrible feelings… the world needs more love, peace, harmony and PEACE! Let’s spread the word! Please go to these artists and show them some props and love and if you really enjoy their work (and if their pieces are for sale) support them and buy their work! ♥

Thanks in advance for reading and viewing. Please share this blog with your friends and family! :o)

{_Please note there many not be many pictures here at first, but this journal will be a work in progress as I collect more and more pieces. If you have some you’d like to recommend, please send me a BubbleMail or leave a comment below, thanks!_)

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