Just call me Sikizu (seh-KEY-zoo). I’m a gap-year student who is trying to make some money before I actually have to spend it on things. I also have an Etsy (SikizuSilver) where I sell handmade bracelets and earrings (which is currently not active, unfortunately). I’m starting to take commissions on my dA (Sikizu).

I like line art and general doodles. I am a fan of astronomy, chemistry, earth-space science, and most other sciences (besides biology). I am also vaguely conversational in Japanese, and am currently also learning German. I love puns and will never miss a chance to pull one on you. Blue is the best color in the world. I used to fence epee, and am an avid outdoorswoman. Canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and camping (in a tent out in the woods, of course) are some of my favorite things to do outside. I also make fantasy stories. I might just publish one day, if the planets are aligned.

I hope you see something you like! If you have any suggestions or requests feel free to contact me.

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