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  • Custom-made box or flat frame styles
  • High-quality timber frame finishes to suit your decor
  • Premium perspex - clearer and lighter than glass
  • Exhibition quality box or flat frame styles
  • Note: The dimensions listed indicate printed image measurements and exclude mat board and frame dimensions


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Alternate view of Old Morris Framed Art Print
Alternate view of Old Morris Framed Art Print
Alternate view of Old Morris Framed Art Print
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Old Morris

Designed by sienebrowne
I don't think Old Morris gets driven anywhere these days. Well he's been in the same spot for as long as I can remember. A 1957 Morris Minor Utility ... going by the paint, it looks like it was an interesting shade of pink at one stage. *** Canon EOS 60D - Canon EF 100mm Macro L IS USM Lens *** *Featured in:* * Old Farts Group - 6 July 2018 * Withered - 8 July 2018 * Super Mugs - 9 July 2018 * World As We See It , Or As We Missed It - 13 July 2018 * The Addicted Photographer (Top 10) - 16 July 2018 * Art For Sale! - 23 July 2018 * Surfaces and Textures - 8 August 2018 * Rusty, Crusty and Falling to Bits - 22 August 2018 * #1 Favorites (Top 10) - 13 September 2018 * Absolute Clarity (Top 10) - 12 October 2018 * Art Universe - 18 January 2019 * Absolute Clarity (Top 10) - 1 March 2019 * PixElations - 29 March 2019 * Alphabet Soup (Top 10) - 10 April 2019 * Alphabet Soup - 25 April 2019 *** _^All images/works are copyrighted © sienebrowne (Siene Browne). All Rights Reserved.^_ []

Old Morris Framed Art Print

Designed by sienebrowne


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