Please Vote for me. I will be your best friend!

Hi all,

President elect Barak Obama won the election with the help of a small expenditure on advertising. Something like 400million dollars. I dont have that kind of money…well any money to be exact so I’m just going to have to hope this small journal effort helps even if only a little.

I have drawn out a design I’m very happy with and entered it into the londons calling challenge and im now canvasing for votes!

The standard of designs is very high and I would hope that the best design wins but as there is such a variety in style it is hard to pick the best. I just hope you will all be kind enough to pitch in for me. My design is fairly unique in style and content which I hope will be in my favour but who knows.

Anyway if you are kind enough to take the time to help me out I would be most greatful. Please go here to vote, my design in number 95 in the list.

Thanks in advance :@)



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