a mountain of wrapping paper

my daughter got so much from the big fat man in the red suit this year that i think we probably had a small Forrest worth of wrapping paper. there is just so much stuff. my husbands parents were here for 3 days… and they brought their Christmas with them, and his mom just gets ridiculous with the presents. then we drove an hour and a half to my mothers house, and she had even more stuff… and while i appreciate all the presents from my mom and all, but sometimes she forgets that we have a very tiny car, and we cant fit half the stuff in there. but its all good, we manage anyways. so what if i cant shift, we can drive an hour and a half in first gear right? lol

lol since his parents were up here, we had christmas eve dinner… turkey and all the fixins, and the turkey was taking a really really long time to cook.. it wasnt frozen… i think 3 hours might of gone by before they realised that the oven wasnt on, it was just pre heated .. i found it quite funny, tho hubby and his mom didnt… but hey, i got a laugh outa it, and thats what matters right? lol

but christmas was great here for my family, and i hope it was great for you and yours :)

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