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Miss Mia’s Chihuahua Message Series includes a variety of safety messages, as well as at least one very important message. This series will expand as Mia, the chihuahua, pursues other adventures. Mia has taken time from her busy schedule for the “Bike Safety Message”, “Important Message” and for “Keeping an Ear Open for Danger”. She has already undertaken skateboarding and kayaking. Her manager is keeping what’s next under wraps.

Chihuahua and the Bike Safety Message
Chihuahua and the Bike Safety Message
as a t-shirt, hoodie or sticker

Chihuahua Keeping an Ear Out for Danger
Chihuahua Demonstrates Napping Techniques in Goggles and Helmet
by Corri Gryting Gutzman
Chihuahua, the Biker Babe
by Corri Gryting Gutzman

Mia’s next role was in creating the most important message of all.

Chihuahua and the Important Message—Take Time to Smell the Flowers

Who could ever forget the darling little dog coming to save the day?

Chihuahua to the Rescue

Finally, here is Mia as herself.

Miss Mia

These photos are available as cards, matted prints, laminated prints, canvas prints, framed prints and posters. Some are also available as t-shirts, hoodies and stickers.
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