Day Dreaming

I found myself wandering around today, walking the street, watching and listening as the world goes by. And I got to think about how we all think that we are in control of our life, our destiny but we’re really can’t. Just when we think that we have it all work out, something happens and it changes everything. I am not talking about religious or higher order but just thing that happen, coincident or whatever you call it. We don’t spend time to talk to each other’s anymore but rather emails and sms. Does anybody speak their mind anymore, but rather “politically correct”. I believe that to give is not to ask for anything in return; true love is acceptance rather than compromises. These thoughts keep circling in my head, am I crying out for change? I think not. We just need to slow down and think for a minute before we react and everything will work out differently. In the end they are just my thoughts circling in my head.

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