Back to being Me

Hi to all my lovely friends here on Red Bubble. So sorry that I have not communicated much with everyone. Truth be told, I just lacked inspiration for new paintings, and the more I pushed myself, the further it eluded me, which was a little upsetting as I love to paint and draw.
I decided the best course of action was to leave things and take the heat of myself, and let ideas flow naturally. Therefore on recent trips out, fishing with my boys, wherever I went really I just took my Hardback Sketch book and drew whatever was in front of me. This helped an awful lot, simply because it helped this little brain of mine store some information about the structure of the things around us, that we often take for granted, trees etc, surprising sometimes how we think we know things, and then we sit down to do it, and we actually cant quite remember. So that was useful.
Lots of people have been talking lately about their missing Modjos, but dont worry I think I and others around are getting them back,

Love to you all

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