Always Practicing, Always Studying

“Untitled Rock Study” acrylic on canvas board, 5 × 7

As a designer, an illustrator or artist, you realise pretty early on in your creative journey that you will never stop practicing or honing your craft and, also, you will never stop studying the world around you.

Because so much of what we do involves replication of real world elements and amalgamating them into new designs, new ideas and processing them in new ways, we always have to be looking at nature, at photographs, films, art and steadily consuming a large intake of visual information.

There is so much in this world and, by extension, the Universe, that there is an ever increasing amount of knowledge out there to learn and, with that, an ever growing amount of new ideas that need drawing.

There is always something we have trouble drawing. Be it a hand or a certain kind of texture. The list of things is endless and, this is why, I’ve decided to regularly practice painting studies in areas I feel I need to focus in on.

For a while, its going to be textures, mainly because I don’t like using stock textures in my work that I haven’t photographed myself.

So if you’re a creator of images, start regularly practicing and studying something you aren’t all that familiar with.

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