Stop expecting designers to work for no pay.

You can read a self-help book (or anything, for that matter) and like 99% of the content & find it useful or entertaining. But that 1% you don’t like can undermine the author and their words completely. I am currently working my way through a ‘how to self publish’ book because I am looking to work on and release one in the not so distant future.

In the book, the author advocates that designers should work for free. He also implies that designers who protest this premise, or expecting to always be paid for such a service, is stupid and says “more power" to those who do in a mocking tone.

Although 99% of the book thus far has been useful, that little nugget of sheer patronising arrogance shows how dismissive of design, or designers, he is and, being a designer myself, naturally I take issue with that. How he went about getting the cover designed, shows his true nature.

That is why it has become harder to appreciate the good advice within. I hope the next time he expects a designer to work for free on one of his book covers…

…he gets an even shittier book cover than the one he got. Serves him right.

If you want a good piece of design work done, find a good designer and fucking pay them what their worth.


Lloyd Harvey

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