My Unusual Artsyle is here now...!!!!!

Hey guys….as i was going to present you all with my very unusual yet original creativly developed art style of Nail Painting is here now on RB my space.

India’s most rarest Art of “ NAIL PAINTINGS " A painting done with my little Thumb’s Nail of my hand & shaded in a very unique style of colors which leaves an embossed impression not only on paper but even on the minds. Its beauty lies in its creative sketching & natural shading, giving a touch of excellence on every part of the painting.

It comes in many forms like the Abstract shapes, Human faces with varied emotions, posses of God, Divine Aum, Animals, Flowers & even different Names can be calligraphed & Nail painted very finely on that Special Paper.

It takes tremendous patience & a real concentration, to embossed such imaginary sketches, sometimes days to engrave these distinct details on the small as well as huge sized special paper with an accurate pressured hand and equally thoughtful mind. No sketch work is done on the paper, directly the thumbnail moves & the outlines are been embossed to give the unique & unmatched visual effects. The shading & coloring process is equally interesting when rubbed on the wax based powder colors, it gives an unbelievable shady textures & tones to the NAIL PAINTINGS.

One has to see, feel & possess it to believe it.

Hope you all will enjoy viewing this new artstyle of mine. Your comments & critics are always welcome as usual.

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