Joint Effort with so tallented RosaCobos

Friends wanted to share with you all that just now we have finished working on our joint colloboration art project of my new experemental painting titled " Sharing Thoughts " which was given life by one of the very few artist on RB who is not only tallented at art but when it comes to writting she is ocean of thoughts and verbal pump where words and lines emerge like we take breath…so much depth and so much creative verson of my painted moment that i salute her for her inborn poetic tallents and it will defenately give a meaningful verson with her golden touch to my “Sharing Thoughts”
I am once again oblidge and grateful for all her help, support and kind consideration to spare time, talent and give life to my painting. It was indeed an experience to share a space with such high level skilled artist for which i will ever cherish her kind support and wish her all the good times ahead.

Good Bless..

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