Wow, such a great response my first week!

Well, I’ve been here a week now, with 17 shots uploaded. I’m simply amazed at the attention my work has received, with 600 views and (if I count correctly) 83 comments! Several of my shots have been added to favorites. On the other site that I’m on (some of you know which site that is), I’ve been there for 8 1/2 months with more pics, and only have 1853 total views. Obviously a much more active place here, and the atmosphere is totally different, I don’t see the bickering, rude comments, and egos that seem to overwhelm the other site.
I want to thank everyone who’s taken the time to view and comment on my work, or add it to your favorites. I also want to thank those who have me on their watchlist, and especially the people (from the other site) that suggested I come to redbubble.
There’s a lot of talent here, and a lot of friendly people. I think I’ll gain a lot of great friends here, thanks for making me feel so welcome!

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