Shootout: Submitted our film

well this blog didn’t go as i’d intended. I haven’t written anything since 17 days out. Basically, just got too busy, and as far as the film goes, spent more time doing stuff than writing about it. Basically, the night went like this:

Friday 21st:

14:30 Finally get away from work
15:00 Help Mr Props clear everything out of the room we’ll use for our office scene
15:30 Go to Queenscliff to pay for our location there
16:30 Go shopping for food, drinks and some last needed props
17:00 Make sandwiches, get ice for esky, get my camera ready, etc
17:30 still madly looking for replacement actors to backfill the people who have pulled out. A guy who was only committed til midnight now agrees to change roles and do an all nighter YAY
My sister agrees to be a dead body
She organises a friend to be our missing cop
18:45 go to registration
19:30 registration is finished! We were the seventh group to register, so we get lucky number 7 tape
20:00 can’t remember what we did here, just got nervous waiting to go
2:30 dead bodies and actors turn up to Mr Props’s tiny apartment. it’s like a party there. Trying to watch the footy but then we have to go to location announcement
9:10 get our locations read out at the launch
9:20 get on the phone, tell Mr Props, BAM, he’s driving around organising the photos of our locations, the first being the dummy newspaper
9:30 Head down with our actor and the sound guy to do first scene
10:00 – 7:00am lots and lots of standing round in cold, doing lines, trying to keep the dog entertained, organising people, setting up scenes, travelling, stressing out, nearly get run over, avoiding drunks etc, etc, etc
7:30ish – do our final scene, absolutely shagged by this point, we’ve been awake 24 hours and working intensively for most of that time
7:30 – get warm, me and Mr Props work on the photos for the credits
11:30 – 2:00 get a few grabs of sleep, maybe 1.5 hours.
2:00 – 5:30 get all the signatures for the sheet to hand in, last mug shot photo, do some photoshopping, film the credits sequence

5:30 – 8:30 Jeewai finishes of the sound – we piss away precious time trying to find the right cable to be able to run the movie back out to tape. because of the rules of dubbing sound onto it only, we weren’t allowed to simply put the sound on the footage using a computer then push the whole lot from computer to tape, so it was a pain in the arse to do and nearly made us not get our entry in on time!

8:45 – Shootoutboy gets dropped off out the front and hands our tape in with 15 minutes to spare.

9:00 have a beer and relax for the first time in ages

10:00 watch our film at Jeewai’s house with the music, and cringe at our mistakes. (eg Mr Props shoe and hand in shot holding the dog, our forensic guy in a mirror reflection, looking tired and bored while a scene is shot!)

11:00 have a cup of tea

11:30 crawl into bed exhausted and sleep for a solid 8 hours

tonight is the screening, we find out if we made top 10!!!

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