Shootout: T minus 17 and counting

It’s been a busy few days.

On Friday night Jeewai and I checked out the office location at Mr Props house where we’ll set up our office scene, and talked about the movie. We also decided on using Gravelman as our back-in-office cop, because he has just the right voice.

on Saturday night Me, Jeewai and Mr Props went to look at the train location at night to see what external lighting there was..none. Was very spooky the whole dark trainyard thing. zOMG I hope we don’t see any poltergeese on the night.

Also, Jeewai remembered his sister has exactly the kind of dog we need, and got some footage.

Yesterday, Monday, me and Jeewai took Storyboard Guy, Mr Props to our ext. locations and firmed up our shots. This is the first time they’ve seen the actual locations. Storyboard guy drew storyboard stuff on location for us to use later.

Next, Jeewai and I went through and read the script out loud to “authenticate” the dialogue. We found all sorts of holes and things that sounded crap, so a lot of tweaking occurred. We also started talking about character’s “motivations” to try and solve some of these problems. It sounds wanky for a seven minute film, but when you’re working out how people are going to say something, you need to know what they’re like and how they get along with the person they’re talking to. that was a had slog. It took 90 minutes to go through 7 pages, which is ~7 minutes. We cut some redundant stuff out to make it punchier so hopefully we’ll have room to add in some cool credits without going over the 7 minute hard limit the competition imposes.

I also did some timings with the dialogue. We have close to three minutes of actual dialogue in total, so everything looks on track.

Meanwhile, Mr Props is arranging actors for the dead photos, and we’ve roped in an assistant artist/runner to work with him on the night.

Each new person we have to bring in, it’s getting a bit harder to track and control, because each function goes off and does its own thing independently. I guess that’s how it’s supposed to work. We’ve just got to make sure we keep bringing in only reliable people that we implicitly trust.

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