T minus 26 days and counting: Shootout film festival

The Shoot Out 24 hour film making festival is being held in Geelong on September 21st-23rd.

This is not an ad for the event. This is just a record of my involvement.

The basic rules are:
- you have to shoot a short film, start to finish, in 24 hours,
- you can only use in-camera editing. No memory cards can be used, so all scenes must be shot in sequence.
- you must incorporate 5 of 15 specified items/landmarks. The list of items is not provided until Friday night.
- it can be no longer than 7 minutes.
Myself and a work colleague will be submitting an entry. We have reworked a short story I wrote into a short film, and are planning and preparing as much as we possibly can in advance. His experience is that has been involved in amateur film/documentary making for several years “on the side”. I have no filmmaking experience whatsoever.

More details to come.

As of today, the script is not yet complete, we have vague ideas about the actors, but have pretty much selected and agreed on primary locations.

If all goes well I’ll post a link to a youtube version of the finished product, about a month from now.

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