October - Featured! (Hopefully, features!)

First day of October and I am delighted to say that I have been once again featured at the Paws n Claws group, this time with my image ‘Smiling Springer’. The shot was taken just outside the tiny village of Norham in north-Northumberland with my Panasonic Lumix G1, 45-200mm lens (1/800, f/4.1). The springer in question is Pippet, the daughter of Teal (who has also been featured) and sister of Tia. Herself and Tia are extremely competitive in all walks of life, whether it be who can catch the stick the quickest, who can hold on to the toy the longest and so forth… little did I know it would spill over into my photography! I will have to try and compose a worthy image of Tia to equalise the bragging rights :)

Thanks again Paws n Claws

If I am luck enough to have any more features this month I will include them under this journal heading rather than create a new entry each and every time.

Cheers ;)

UPDATE (October 16th, 2009)

Well, I was starting to sweat a little in thinking that in writing the title of this journal that I may have typed too soon. However, the good people at Tone it Down (a group dedicated to good black and white images) decided to feature my image, ‘Tweed Woods’, this week. Thank you very much guys, I am amongst some really great images so I am very pleased. Cheers ;)

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