Thoughts of the homeless...

No place is mine
can’t relax, not safe
keep moving
not supposed to be here
cannot stay
eyes watch me, pity
always watching,
laughing, crying,
what do they think;
the clean ones,
do I care?

are they cold
where they go… hungry
or scared?
tryn’ to be happy for them
not envy…
maybe one day be me too
but not today
still trapped
too dirty and stink

oh for a bath and clean clothes
to fit in
I ain’t lazy
but who’s gonna let me prove?

don’t wanna steal so
lie and beg…make it one more day
one more meal and maybe
the warm sun on me
ignore the pain
don’t get hard

remember they said
Jesus loves you
hang on to that
keep some hope
don’t shut Him out
believe what they said
hang on for dear life

tomorrow could be the day it all ends…

(even though it has been nearly 30 years since I was in this place I still recall all the emotions)

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