A lesson in acceptance

Last week really provided me with the challenge of acceptance. For the past 18 months I have been storing all the pictures of my art on a USB stick. It seemed the perfect solution, after previously experience the loss of data before I thought I had the perfect back up.
Well, you know the saying, you know what thought did???
Last week my computer crashed and I lost all my email and email addresses but I was patient and reconciled because at least I had not lost all the important stuff. Little did I know what was waiting around the corner!

At the end of last week I went to access my art on my USB and could not. I asked my ever patient, computer savvy partner to look at it for me. He tried to recover from the stick but was not successful.

Gone is my art work , some which has been sold, so will never see again. Gone is my writing, my resume, my university study since 2005 and my photographs.

So, I am faced with a blank canvas, an opportunity for a new beginning. I am hoping that means that my creativity is ready to move to a new level. Alternatively the universe could be telling me to give it up! Hope not, I have been truly enjoying this journey since leaving the corporate world.

I admit, I am no saint, I did cry myself to sleep that night, but there is no point dwelling on it. Now, I am a little excited, new beginnings…AGAIN, who knows where this will take me.

So, if there are more of me out there perhaps we can start a victim of technology support group? If not, maybe I just need to get on with it and start afresh.

Thanks for listening
Love, light and laughter to you all

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