"So what is Pain, really?"

In my nursing practice, I treat all kinds of folks with all kinds of pain. In my practice, I am charge RN for our surgery center’s pain management department. Back pain, leg pain, hip pain etc…

But, with “pain” patients comes another component. Psychological pain is a component with a certain percentage of our practice. I have two patients, completely different demographics and different circumstances. One was attacked by a domestic animal, and one was crushed by a machine leaving him paralyzed. Both have real, quantatative physical pain. Both have psychological pain.

So, my point is… that we treat the physical pain but we cannot ignore the other component. Sometimes it is just listening to them and being a sounding board for their feelings. In this day and age, nurses have become so task oriented and so overworked that we barely have time to really listen to our patients and try to help with the sometimes underlying issues that may be a significant component of their ailment.

Be there to administer the pain medications, and also take an extra few minutes to listen to someone in need of a willing ear to validate their feelings. You may make a difference in a desperate life.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings,

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